ESPIRIT engages in developing and manufaturing digital locks, home & office safes, WIFI smart safes. Our safes are built to protect and store your most valuable, irreplaceable items, and some risky items to children. We understand the importance of the stability of the locks, and have a very high strict quality control in the electronics. 

We focus on innovation, technology. Every year we launch new products to help  our clients to win in the market. 

We are happy to share our experience and knowledge in this industry, and also welcoming the customized projects.


We are committed to the development and production of valuable products for clients, and constantly pursuing the goal of ease for our products users. With the development of smart home automation, we have invested a lot of research in this and achieved certain results in WIFI and Bluetooth safes and door locks. 

The safe is no longer a cold product, it is more perfect integration with our home life.